2019 National Inventory of Data Sharing Collaborations for Health

The 2019 National Inventory of Data Sharing Collaborations for Health is a nationwide survey conducted by Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) on behalf of All In: Data for Community Health. We’re gathering insights from stakeholders across the country to inform a national analysis of community partnerships that are sharing data across sectors to drive population health improvement. The results will highlight opportunities to advance a common agenda that can help support and expand this crucial work.

The National Inventory is focused on better understanding the location and nature of multi-sector collaborations in the U.S., their capacity to systematically share data to improve community health outcomes, and how these collaborations progress over time. By “multi-sector collaboration,” we mean a partnership that results when health/health care entities and organizations from other sectors (eg. social services, criminal justice, education, etc.) work together to solve problems that affect the whole community. If you are part of such a partnership, your participation can help provide a more comprehensive view of the environment in which local collaborations are working.

The findings of this survey will be summarized in a report on the national landscape of this emerging field. We will make the results publicly available and provide them directly to everyone who participates in the National Inventory.  The data will drive the development of new tools, resources, and technical assistance opportunities for the All In network. With your permission, basic directory information about your collaboration and its goals and data sharing activities will be available in an online directory and map.

The National Inventory of Data Sharing Collaborations for Health takes approximately 15 minutes and can be completed online at tinyurl.com/National-Inventory

We also invite you to forward the survey link to other colleagues who should be included. Thanks in advance for contributing your unique and valuable insights to this nationwide effort!