About Us

All In: Data for Community Health is a learning network of communities that are testing exciting new ways to systematically improve community health outcomes through multi-sector partnerships working to share data. All In partner networks are building the evidence base to advance practice, identify gaps, highlight investment needs, and inform policy.

Collectively, All In includes over 150 community collaborations across the country.

How can shared data systems improve community health?

Developing data systems that combine health care and public health datasets with data from other sectors like education, social services and housing can help community leaders acquire a more complete picture of factors that impact community health outcomes. Access to multi-sector data increases their capacity to implement more effective programs, policies, and system-wide changes. It also leads to better care coordination across sectors for those with complex health and social needs.

Why work together?

There is no roadmap for this complex work. If we want to make progress in this field together, it’s critical that communities share their experiences so that collectively, we can learn from each other’s failures and successes. All In helps bring to scale the hard-won knowledge and practical lessons from communities to accelerate progress toward improved health for all.

The benefits of participating in the All In network include:

  • For local communities: More sites to leverage in the peer network means more opportunities to connect with diverse stakeholders with wide-ranging expertise.
  • For technical assistance: By leveraging each other’s networks, program offices can connect sites to the right resources and partners. Each initiative brings a unique set of expertise, and an extended network of TA advisors, that can be tapped into to support local sites.
  • For national coordination: By broadening our common understanding of the environment and sharing lessons learned, together we can drive the development of a shared agenda that will guide this emerging field.

What All In participants are saying

“It’s done more to connect individuals doing similar types of work across the country than any other conference or program.”

-Baltimore City Health Department

“It’s really given us a larger forum—the synergy of other entities that are tackling some of these same types of issues and questions.”

-Center for Health Care Services

“I seldom return from meetings with so many notes of action items. And I have started to act on them to not lose momentum.”

All In National Meeting attendee

All In supports our innovative work on numerous levels and gives us opportunities to share what we’re doing and hopefully help other health departments.”

-Garrett County Health Department

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With a diverse and growing learning collaborative, All In offers many opportunities to meet your specific needs. View our get involved page to learn more, and sign up at allin.healthdoers.org.

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