List of All In’s Health Information Exchange Projects

By Peter Eckart, Co-Director, Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) at the Illinois Public Health Institute

I recently had a request to share info about health information exchanges that are working on the social determinants of health and related projects on All In, and compiled this list for that request.  When I also posted it for the All In online community, one of the readers said “Whoa this list is awesome,” so we’re sharing it here.

  • The prototype Community Information Exchange is 211 San Diego Community Information Exchange. They are hosting the CIE Summit in April.
  • DASH and our All In partners have funded the following projects or are partnering with the following HIEs: Maine’s HealthInfoNetSan Diego Health ConnectSimplyConnect behavioral health focused HIE in Minnesota, CRISP in Maryland, HASA in San Antonio, the Dallas Information Exchange Portal through our grant to Parkland Health and Hospital System, the North Coast Health Improvement and Information Network, and the Greater New Orleans Information Exchange.
  • David Kendrick’s MyHealth Access Network in Oklahoma is well known as a fully functioning HIE that has been attending to the SDoH, and we’re currently funding the Trenton HIE’s expansion to more SDoH data exchange.
  • Jefferson DBA Reliance
  • UNCC: The Institute for Social Capital (ISC), a UNCC based 501(c)3, collects and integrates social data from 40+ community partners to foster university research and to increase the community’s capacity for data-informed decision-making. ISC will benefit from this project by expanding into health and through access to the new more comprehensive governance model to better describe, understand, and serve the most vulnerable members of our community.
  • PHIX (Paso del Norte) This proposed project aims to help bridge these gaps in detection and care integration by making mental health screening measures readily available electronically, providing training on how to use the screening measures, and promoting care coordination through the HIE.
  • Health Share Exchange: Electronic Referral Service for Community Assistance Programs (Philadelphia)
  • (PCIC) Patient Care Intervention Center’s Unified Care Continuum Platform, which leverages data sharing, unified care plans, and streamlined electronic referrals to resource and empower patients and providers to achieve enduring health outcomes and financial sustainability.
  • We also have a few HIEs participating in the DASH Mentor program led by Maine HealthInfo Net: Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus (Ohio), and The Health Collaborative (Ohio)
  • Michiana Health Information Exchange is very interested in this space.
  • The Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative may have a more complete list.