All In Webinar: Community Engagement and Governance

Community-led governance allows for inclusive collaboration and prioritization of needs, and elevates applicable data needed to advance collective goals. In this webinar, we’ll learn from two former DASH-funded communities who are demonstrating success in leading multi-sector collaboration and data sharing efforts driven by community voice.

Representatives from Reinvent South Stockton will discuss how their work grew out of a community organizing model and integrates a results-based accountability framework to prioritize community-driven indicators and designing community dashboards. A team from the Bay Area Health Justice Collective will share how a local health system’s desire to better address the social conditions driving unmet social needs led to the creation of an advisory group for community members to drive decision-making for policy and systems change.

Learning objectives include:

  1. Showcasing specific examples of community-led programming;
  2. Understanding how and when to engage community members in identifying priorities and related metrics; and,
  3. Learning how the design of data systems fit into the community engagement process

Lauren Pennachio, Director, Revenue Strategy & Partnerships Health Leads & Bay Area Health Justice Collective
Virginia Hall, Community Health Advocate, Housing is Health
Darryl Rutherford, Executive Director Reinvent South Stockton Coalition
Jessica Praphath, Director, Third Sector

Bilal Taylor, Senior Program and Policy Analyst, National Office of Policy & Prevention, Nemours Children’s Health System

Additional Materials from Webinar:

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