DASH Bright Spots in Sharing Data for Community Health

Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) released a series of bright spot profiles highlighting specific aspects of grantee projects that made them successful in building multi-sector data sharing collaborations to improve health.

Bright Spot topics include:

  • A Legal Approach to Sharing Health and Education Data
  • Partnering with Managed Care Organizations to Share Data for Community Health Improvement

Field Dispatches: LA County Steps Up Role as Social “Safety Net”

“This crisis can be a wake-up call for us to kick-start multi-sector
data sharing including building a platform for  data sharing.”
Irene Vidyanti, 
Data Scientist, LA County Chief Information Office.


DASH Bright Spot: Partnering with Managed Care Organizations to Share Data for Community Health Improvement

Health departments are increasingly recognizing that managed care organizations (MCOs) can be critical allies in working collaboratively to share key data and understand health outcomes and health care service utilization in their communities. The Allegheny County Health Department is one example of a public health agency that has forged successful partnerships with MCOs in order to work towards shared population health goals.

DASH Bright Spot: A Legal Approach to Sharing Health & Education Data

Data sharing partnerships between health and education sectors can help both parties work toward a common vision of improving students’ well-being. Although the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) can sometimes discourage communities from taking action, one Chicago collaboration developed a proactive data sharing and services agreement that eliminates common roadblocks to implementing health programs in schools while protecting students’ privacy.

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