Care Coordination Platform Onboarding Document

The North Coast Health Improvement and Information Network (NCHIIN) was funded by DASH CIC-START to add new partners, sectors, mental health client summary data, and facility alerts to, the care coordination and alerts notification system in Humboldt County, CA. As part of their CIC-START project, NCHIIN developed this document, which provides a methodology for onboarding new organizations, data streams, and sectors into the platform. It provides a replicable method for other communities who are interested in developing guidance to onboard new organizations from sectors beyond health care (eg. human/social services, mental health/substance abuse, criminal justice, etc.) into a care coordination system to provide more holistic care for patients, especially those with complex health and social needs.

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Webinar: Leveraging Technology to Measure Capacity for Using Multi-Sector Data to Improve Community Health

In this webinar, hosted by the HealthDoers Network, Clare Tanner, PhD, Co-Director of Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) and lead partner in All In: Data for Community Health, provided an overview of the All In capacity assessment tool, which tracks progress in the field of multi-sector data sharing.

She shared the initial results of data collection from 32 communities, described how understanding national-level trends can help guide funding and policy decisions that advance local initiatives, and explained how local collaborations can use the tool to inform their planning and self-monitoring processes.

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Webinar: Sustainably Financing Community Health – Parts 1 and 2

Those seeking to advance and produce community health often struggle to finance this important work – relying primarily on grants. Some of the alternative resourcing options at their disposal are less well known and understood and each one requires some level of strategic planning, preparation, and engagement to access effectively.

This two-part webinar series covered sustainable financing, alternative payment models, and tools to help participants think about and take steps towards sustaining their multi-sector community work. Speakers discussed a range of key questions and alternative models intended to expand knowledge of, comfort level with, and capacity to take advantage of different sustainable financing options.

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Webinar: Data Across Sectors for Health

The webinar covered promising practices for creating a multi-sector partnership, engaging community health champions, and sharing data and connecting information systems, in hopes of uniting across communities to address the social determinants of health. Representatives from Avondale Children Thrive, a multi-sector collaboration in Cincinnati, OH, shared how they are aligning residents and partners around a common vision and set of metrics to improve maternal and child health.
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