Podcast: Coordinating Health and Social Services in San Diego, CA

Karis Grounds, 2-1-1 San Diego

Karis Grounds, MPH, Vice President of Health and Community Impact at 2-1-1 San Diego, joined the podcast to discuss how she is supporting the strategic development of San Diego’s community information exchange (CIE), a technology platform that is enabling data sharing and collaboration between health and social service providers to deliver person-centered care and improve health equity. Grounds shared strategies for aligning multi-sector partners around a shared language and an integrated technology platform to deliver enhanced care coordination. She also discussed how 2-1-1 San Diego is spreading its impact by sharing practical tools to help other communities make progress towards implementing a community information exchange.

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Takeaways from the Interview

In the words of Karis Grounds…

1. Tailor your approach to be responsive to the needs and drivers of each sector

“We find that working with housing providers is completely different than working with food providers or transportation providers, not only because of their workflows, deliverables, and data points that they’re collecting, but also in what they will get paid for and what the value is of investing in this type of work.”

2. Sharing data is as much about relationships as it is about technology

“The technology is the easier part of it. It is the social movement and systems change that is the crux of the challenge…It is really about getting the right people at the table to be able to understand what the right data points are in the system and how we can integrate and map them in the right way.”

3. Make sure people are informed and in control of their information

“We are very much about trying to be person-centric so the person controls their information and they can decide whether or not they want to share it…Some people have asked why we do not have opt out as the default, but to us, that does not make sense because we feel like the person has to be informed about what they are opting into.”

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