Webinar: Open Data Platforms for Community Health

Successful multi-sector data sharing hubs can leverage existing infrastructure to integrate new resources and adapt to novel use cases. This All In webinar will feature two community data warehouses that continue to evolve to support community health improvement.

The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center, in partnership with the Allegheny County Health Department and other partners, built a multi-sector data warehouse that includes datasets related to social determinants of health. The collaborative shared and modeled data to better understand factors impacting residents’ cardiovascular health, and is now utilizing the same methodology to reduce asthma emergency room visits. The team shared how they leveraged their proof of concept model to support multiple local efforts, and how others might similarly build a foundation for data sharing projects in their communities.

The New Mexico Community Data Collaborative is a statewide data warehouse compiling demographic, socioeconomic, health, and social determinant data at the neighborhood level. The warehouse allows analysts to study service delivery and related outcomes to inform policy decisions, such as how distribution of food pantries in urban vs. rural areas correlates to health impact. The team outlined aspects of the collaboration which have contributed to its success including methods for sharing datasets, a geographic analysis framework for communities, and development of multi-factor health and risk indices.


  • Susan Wilger, Southwest Center for Health Innovation
  • Tom Scharmen,NM Department of Health
  • Robert Gradeck, Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center, University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Urban and Social Research

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