Top Ten Reasons Why We’re Excited About The All In National Meeting

The 5th Annual All In National Meeting will be held on November 8-10, 2021 from 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. EST, with a pre-conference workshop on November 4th. If you attended an AIl In meeting in the past then you know to expect a dynamic, exhilarating, challenging, and rewarding experience it can be. 

Here’s what we’re excited about for 2021. View the agenda here and RSVP by October 25 to save your seat. 

  1. “I’m looking forward to the pre-conference workshops! During AINM 2019, we had a few “deep dive” sessions designed to provide a more in-depth and interactive look at common topics across data sharing and collaboration. They’re different from breakout sessions due to their length and participant involvement. We, unfortunately, could not replicate that for last year’s conference since we were getting used to being virtual. Now having a year and a half’s worth of virtual event planning experience, the All In planning team is providing similar content virtually.” Susan Martinez, MUP, Program Associate, Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) at Illinois Public Health Institute.  

  2. “During AINM 2020, I found it refreshing to hear the lived experiences in connection to all the wonderful work that our organizations are doing every day such as the peer sharing session on Engagement to Co-Disruptors with Jo Bruno & Lauren Pennachio. Community is the reason I got into public health, and it is one of the reasons I will be attending AINM in 2021.” Natrina N. Kennedy, MPH, Program Associate, Data Across Sectors for Health

  3. “I am looking forward to hearing how communities are advancing racial equity in their communities. They have the best lessons, insights, tools, and tactics and always leave me inspired.” Miriam Castro, Program Manager, Data Across Sectors for Health

  4. “I’m looking forward to hearing on the ground stories from our amazing All In and All In  adjacent communities” Reena Chudgar, MPH, Director of Innovation, Public Health National Center for Innovations at the Public Health Accreditation Board

  5. “I’m eager to learn from communities who kept up multi-sector data sharing momentum during an extremely difficult time for public health.” Travis Parker Lee, MBA, Program Specialist Public Health National Center for Innovations at the Public Health Accreditation Board

  6. “The All In National Meeting is a perfect learning opportunity. It’s inspiring to hear how people (from the East Coast to the West Coast) are working to build healthier, more informed, stronger communities.” Solomon Collins, Communications Associate, Data Across Sectors for Health.

  7. “The ability to engage in solution-focused discussions on the power and impact of multi-sector data sharing to improve the lives of those in the community is incredibly unique.  The way we collectively learn from those who are actively engaged in this work and how we, as DASH, participate/engage/facilitate/elevate/share/learn and fund this body of work are key insights I seek out at the conference. Can’t wait!” Amanda Cavanagh, Senior Program Manager, Data Across Sectors for Health. 

  8. “The Conference combines impactful keynotes from thought leaders, conversation-inducing breakout sessions from community leaders, and thought-provoking deep-dive sessions with community organizations from around the nation. I was in awe of keynote speakers like Liz Dozier, breakout session speakers like Daniel Wiley, and all of our All In community members during the 2020 National Meeting. I look forward to experiencing that synergy once again during this year’s National Meeting.” Esther Babawande, Communications & Special Projects Associate, Data Across Sectors for Health.

  9. “I am looking forward to ways communities are addressing health equity and racial justice through their own lived experiences. I think it’s great that each day revolves around a certain theme, which will help to increase data sharing.” Ruchi Patel, Intern, Data Across Sectors for Health.

  10. “It is amazing and inspiring to be a part of this meeting of passionate, insightful people who are dedicated to building a better world through ‘data for community health.’ I love to hear attendees who are often siloed or working on the ‘stuff no one understands” meeting “their people;” making new connections based on common technology, taxonomy, or methodology that helps them understand their own work in a new way without the need to start from scratch.” Melissa Moorehead, Program Manager, Data Across Sectors for Health